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Carpet and rug cleaning in Nottingham, Loughborough, Leicester and Derby

We all want our homes to be clean, fresh and inviting all the time; especially when friends or familyare visiting. The problem is your carpets are constantly collecting dust and dirt from shoes. Accidents may happen with coffee or wine causing stains.

  • Stains or dirty carpets?  
  • Have your carpets cleaned and looking fresh again with our cleaning service.

CVC not only specialise in carpet cleaning, we also clean rugs. We can remove stains such a tea,coffee and red wine as well as some types of make up, children’s markers or general ground in dirt.

Please note: We recommend you don’t use vanish or similar products to try and remove the stainsfrom your carpets unless they product is specifically designed for the carpet. We can not guarantee that all stains will be removed, it is dependant on many factors, but we are usually successful.

CVC have a 3 stage process to give a superior result than just a general clean.We pre spray the carpet with a child and pet safe shampoo and deodoriser to give it time to soak inand start dissolving the dirt and stains.

The carpets or rugs are then brushed to loosen stubborn dirt and help remove any embedded hairs that normal vacuuming leave behind.

The warm water extraction is then applied to wash the dirt out and it remove immediately with ahigh vacuum extraction leaving the carpets slightly damp.

The carpets are okay to walk on as soon as we are finished and usually dry in about an hour.

Our Carpet Cleaning process


Walkthrough / Survey


Carefully move furniture


Pre-Spray / Pre-Spot Area


Agitate the carpet or rug


Begin the wet extraction


Final checks and inspection

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With over 15 years experience of residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, CVC are the number one choice. Our work is carried out by skilled professionals to provide the excellence we strive to achieve.