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Carpet Cleaning

Are your carpets dirty, stained or in need of a freshen up? Bring them back to life with our excellent home carpet cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping your sofas, chairs and upholstery clean can be hard work. Let us take away the stress with our specialist upholstery cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning

Offices, receptions, pubs and restaurants. Commercial carpets will need a regular clean to maintain that professional look.

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The Process


We spray the carpets with a detergent that is pet and child safe to start loosening stains and dirt. If the areas are particularly soiled, we will use a heavy traffic treatment or stain treatment.


When the spray has taken effect, we then agitate the carpet by brushing it to loosen the remaining stubborn dirt and stains. This ensures a deep clean.


We then use an industrial strength high pressure washer and high vacuum extraction machine to wash out the the dirt and because we only use water to rinse and wash the carpet, they will be free of any chemical residues, unlike those where shampoo is put in to the washing to wash the carpet. The high extraction ensures the finished results are only slightly damp when we have finished, and typically dry in an hour or two under normal conditions. The carpets can be walked on as soon as we have finished.


CVC offer a stain protection service. The stain protection solution forms an invisible protective layer on the fibres which helps protect from stains and can extend the life of your carpet. The stain guard doesn’t not affect the feel or texture.